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How to Create Yuna’s Trademark Turban Style With a Square Headscarf - Hijab Friday

October 05, 2017

How to Create Yuna’s Trademark Turban Style With a Square Headscarf - Hijab Friday

For this week Hijab Friday in Bahasa Malaysia, please click here. Hey Zolace fans! Welcome back to another edition of Hijab Friday. Today, we're demonstrate a style made popular by Yuna using a square headscarf, so don't miss to watch this video and we'll teach you how!


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Video Transcription

Malaysia's darling, Yuna has been spotted wearing this fashionable turban look that we'll help you recreate! A lot of people create a turban using a shawl, but today we'll show you how to do it with our square headscarf! To complete this look, we've paired it with the Heat Waves Blouse in Blue, Say it with Style Peplum Skirt in Black And, the Zahra Chiffon Square Headscarf shown here is worn in the colour Blue Sunburst. So grab just 2 pins and we'll get started!

Step 1 : Fold shawl into triangle and place on your head



Fold the shawl into a triangle and place it over your with the point draped over your head.

Step 2 : Take two hanging sides and tie them together


Take the two hanging sides and tie them hanging together over the top of your head, making sure it's nice and comfortable.

Step 3 : Bring the hanging piece to upwards and twist


Grab the piece that is hanging in front of you and bring it upwards giving it a soft twist.

Step 4 : Bring it down to the side and pin it


Bring it down along the side of your face, and pin it in place.

Step 5 : Bring one of piece around the back and pin it in place


From the leftover hanging pieces, wraps it around of you, bringing it all the way to the top on the opposite side and gently tuck it into the layered fabric.

Final look:


It might get messy while wearing it if you have never tried it before! But practice makes perfection!

Thanks for joining us this week! Make sure to subscribe to our videos, share it with your friends, and leave us any comments you have. We'll see you next week for another edition of Hijab Friday!

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