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Size Guide

Rather than assuming you know your body measurements, let us help you to pick your perfect size.

How to measure your fit?



What's the perfect size for me?

One bad scenario commonly found in the online shopping world is, you have paid for the product and the product has finally arrived,  you love everything about it and cant wait to wear it but sad to find that the size is a bad fit! We totally understand this and we try as best as we can to eliminate this issue.

But with such a large selection, sizing can vary between types of clothing and designs. Our size chart is based on general industry sizing standards in Malaysia. All the measurement details, taken in inches, can be found in "Size Guide" of each and every product page. Please compare your measurement with what you see in the Product Measurement to determine the best size for your body.

Where to find the size guide?

The details is as important as the size guide in determining your size. Before you make a buy, make sure you go through the product details. The pictures of the product may be an inspiration but they are not enough.

Product details contains useful information and things you should take note of, like the material used (e.g. is it stretchable?), the exact color of the product and instructions of how to take care of it.

The size guide can be found in each of our garments by clicking on the size guide link. Example:

Make sure to check reviews


See what others said about an item you're considering. Our 'Customer Review' gives you a high-level view. To read the reviews, scroll down the page to read detailed customer opinions. You can also contribute to the Zolace community by providing your review of an item you bought as well. Do you know you get to earn Reward Points from doing so?



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