We believe that high quality fashion does not need to be expensive. With this in mind, our mission is simply to offer quality fashion at the best possible price.

We focus on providing high quality fashion at the best price, while focusing on important social and environmental issues. Here's how we change the world through fashion:

With our focus on building a community
With our products
With the way we do business
With our focus on the environment

Make quality Muslim fashion products that last

Everything we offer here on Zolace meets the Islamic dress code and provides modest attire that's fun and exciting to wear. Our products make use of high quality materials and fabrics, with design that allows for a stronger spiritual connection.

Minimize use of toxins in our clothing and packaging

Clothing goes on the body and therefore both environmental and human toxins have no place in the manufacturing process of our goods. We promise to focus on providing great clothing free of anything that's dangerous to people or the world.

Use sustainable materials whenever possible

Once our clothing has reached the end of it's lifespan, it needs to be biodegradable and recyclable. That's why we consider the end of a garnmet's life whenever we construct any article of clothing.

Focus on how we're using the world's resources

By creating a sustainable business, we don't waste the world's precious resources. We use technology instead of flying to connect with our employees, store items locally, and work with partners that focus on proper waste management processes.

Learn about our impact on the environment and work to lessen it

Through research, we come to learn more about how we impact the world. We'll never lose our focus on learning new ways to make our business more sustainable, so that we can impact everyone is a positive way.