Shopping Tools and Tips

How to Use the Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is there to carry products that you might want to buy before actually buying them.

Once you add something to the shopping cart, you will see the product briefly displayed at the top of the site. As you keep adding more products, the total number of the products that you have added will appear there as well.

You will be able to access the same shopping cart from any other devices and anywhere you wish. All you need to do is to sign in to your account before adding your desired products to your shopping cart. The items you have added will remain in your shopping cart as long as the items are available or the items are manually removed by you.

However, please note that the items in your shopping cart remain available to the public as our items are sold on first come first serve basis. To find out more about your account, please read Managing your online account.

What Can You Do in Your Shopping Cart?

To check out what the shopping cart contains, just click on the cart at the top of the site. Once open, you can see the products you have added to your cart, as well as using the different links next to each product to:

  1. Change the products, or the quantity, size or color of the products.
  2. Delete a product from the cart.

Once confirmed,  click on the ‘Checkout’ button to proceed to make your payment and wait for your parcel to reach your doorstep! For detailed steps to shop at Zolace Malaysia, please read Shopping at Zolace.