Rewards Points

About our Rewards Points

At Zolace, we value all our loyal customers (yes, that's you!) and it's our honour to be able to do something nice for you in appreciation of your support. What we are giving you is Reward Points, which once accumulated sufficiently, can be used to pay for your shopping at Zolace Malaysia.

Every MYR1 equals to 1 Reward Point, Every 100 Reward Points equal MYR1 to be redeem at Checkout.

How do I Get Reward Points?

Here are what you can do to accumulate your Reward Points:

i)  Shop at Zolace Malaysia

Whenever you buy something on our site, you will automatically be rewarded Reward points for the amount that you spend. For example, if you purchase a blouse for MYR69, you will get 69 Reward Points.

ii)  Leave us a Review

Contribute to Zolace Malaysia community to help other online shoppers make shopping decision by leaving your shopped items a review.

It's easy to leave a review. All you need to do is to sign in to your account, go to the product page of your purchase item, click on "Leave Your Review" to insert your review.  A review is worth 100 Reward Points!

iii)  Upload a nice photo of yourself in Zolace Malaysia item(s)

Expedite your Reward Points accumulation by uploading a beautiful full-length photo of yourself in Zolace items. The product pictures on Zolace may be an inspiration but they are not enough.

We understand that your real-life photos serves as a great decision-making tool for other shoppers at Zolace Malaysia, thus adding a photo to your review will entitle you another 100 points for 1 photo. Please note that one product is only limited to 1 photo submission and it's up to Zolace Malaysia discretion to approve or reject your submitted photo. so please submit your best!

To upload your photo, submit along with your review at the product page.

What do I do with my Reward Points?

Not only you can check your accumulated Reward Points anytime at My Account, you are free to use your Reward Points anytime too. You only need to click on Redeem Your Reward Points at checkout and our system will automatically deduct it for you.

For any other questions about Rewards Points, please contact us.